Self Feeding Baby Food

April 16, 2021 by No Comments

There can be nothing more exciting than seeing your cute little child eating his own food and getting a feel of accomplishment. But as far as self feeding is concerned the capabilities and the mind of the baby is not always in synchronization. Though baby is determined to feed herself but do not have the capability to grasp food or have it through spoon. During the early stages of self feeding baby when the child is around eight to nine months you can introduce him to baby finger food. russian chocolate

This type of baby food should always have soft texture so that it can be easily gummed by your child. The baby finger food which can be served raw include avocado, banana, puffed rice cereal, O shaped cereal, semi hard cheese and others.

Many other types of food may also require cooking in order to make them soft enough for gumming. These foods may include pear slices, apple slices, broccoli spears, whole green beans, sweet potato slices and many others. You can also try wide variety of finger food recipes which you can easily get either through internet or through various books and your kid will definitely love them.

After this initial stage of finger food you can slowly and gradually move towards spoon feeding. At this stage of time give a spoon to your child while you feed with the other. The spoon for children use load of sticky food so that the baby learns to self food. During this time it is always better to give homemade baby food to your child as it is nutritious and healthy. Various baby food recipes for these types of food are also available. Be patient while your baby is learning to self feed. Do not try to make the process to hard and too fast. Just enjoy each and every moment while your baby is self feeding.

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